Tuesday 12 October 2010

Sunny day on Hampstead Heath

Today was a gorgeous Autumn day
It was so bright and it was actually quite warm!
So we decided to head to Hampstead Heath
I'm always up for an opportunity to visit the ducks and meet cute puppies!
The heath is fantastic in the summer for lazy days and picnics
But it's definately my favorite in the Autumn when the colours are changing

I LOVE these little birds!
They're called Coots and they make the EXACT same noise at Sisco when she tucks on her toys
Like a little "Meep" noise
It was so strange the 1st time we heard it, we thought she'd followed us there!

There's always someone flying kites at the top
I've seen a few people lift off the ground!

If you climb to the top you can look down on London
Which looks really pretty as the sun is setting

Two for Joy?
I'm REALLY superstitious and whenever we go to the heath I seem to spend most of my time saluting at Magpies!
Annoying, but it's a habit!

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  1. beautiful!!! I just posted nature pic today too!!!


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