Monday 24 January 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ All Scream For Ice Cream ♥

I can't believe it's Monday already!
Last week just flew by!
Seems like I only just did an Etsy post!
This weeks Etsy post is inspired by ice cream!
Now, I don't really have that much of sweet tooth, when I was younger I did
But now I'm definitely more of a savory girl!
Unless it's something with cinnamon
I swear, you could give me anything with cinnamon and I'll love it!
But I just adore sweet inspired things!
Cupcakes, lollipop's, Ice cream sundaes...They all look so cute!
So here's this weeks picks!
Hope you like them!

1. UpStairs Attic
I love pretty stationary, but I like to collect it, not use it
I have SO much in my Mums house that I collected when I was little!

2. Little Boxes Vintage
I love little box bags like these

3. 12 Blue Birds

4. The Wee Emporium
You need to check out this shop!
It's FULL of the most amazing vintage posters

5. Antiquarium

6. Twinkie Chan
Now, I think EVERYONE knows Twinkie Chan's cute goods
But I had to share this!
How amazing do these Ice-Cream scoops look together?

7. Sugar Cookie
Very cute

8. Sir Michell
Love that Illustration!

9. Crochet Unplugged
Pretty little purse!

10. Jtnee
I love how this is a little bit cute and a little bit creepy!

11. Off Her Rocker Art
This is amazing!!
Looks like it belongs in a 1950's diner

12. Boopsie Daisy
The artwork in this shop is tooth-achingly sweet!
This is currently my favorite print in the shop

13. Deco Mod Walls

Well that's it for this week
I know this sounds cheesy, but I actually do want some ice cream now!
Now on to sewing cute things!
I hope to have a shop update soon!


  1. Too cute and yummy! I love these things! Thanks for showing my Softie Ice Cream Cone Wood Pin! :)


  2. Hi Claire. Thank you for including the Crochet Unplugged Ice Cream Cone Drawstring purses on your blog. I am honored. Nice blog!


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