Friday 18 February 2011

A little Update + Cute Photos!

I realise I haven't done a personal post for a while
Seriously, I know I say it alot, but this year is zoooming by!
I've recently listed my plushie's on Etsy and I've been making more
The more I learn about Etsy, the more I love it
I'm listing some new plushie's on Sunday, that I really love!

Here are some cute photos from the last week
I've been walk a little girl
Her name is Daphne and she is a little (or maybe not so little now) 7 month Bulldog
She is VERY stubborn, but has a little of heart of gold

Photos are a bit blurry, but I love this one as she's smiling

Sisco is the same old Sisco
Sleepy and moody, but we love her
She's started doing this new thing, where she sits on my laptop and switches it off!
(Ignore her little 'area' by her ear, black cats don't photograph with a flash very well)
"Don't be looking at my bald spot"

"Listen Mummy, I think we should look online for some gourmet cat food"

My mum sent us a little parcel recently with goodies and some posh food for Sisco (After eating that, she turns her nose up at our food)
But my Mum also puts in the local papers
Sure, there is bad news
But alot of focus on nice, uplifting stories!
Here are a couple of stories from the latest paper:
Local lady celebrates 102nd Birthday
A traumatised RSPCA rescue dog that is building up her confidence with hydrotherapy

It's always nice to hear some good news!

Also, Hi to the few new followers I've gained!
Hope everyone has a great weekend



  1. Daphne looks like a sweetie, and my black kitty looks like she's got a bald spot right there too!

  2. Just wanted to say hi! Thanks for reading my blog & for your really kind comments! I've a dear old cat called Nancy who looks just like yours!! I'm off to have a read around your blog now :)

    Jo x


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