Monday 1 August 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ A Whole Lotta Love ♥

Happy Monday!
Today has been so hot and humid!
It's like being in Florida!
When you go to the woods by us, all the dogs are zonked from the heat
As I mentioned earlier, this Wednesday it's my birthday!!
I mentioned I'd had a box from Paul's parents and my mum and sister sent theirs at the end of last week
What is wrong with you people? Don't you know me? haha
So....I may have opened a few
But I asked first! haha
I will post pictures soon
I have calmed down A LOT over the last 5 years though
I used to like to have a 'birthday week'
Not in a bratty way, in a 'I get excited like a 5 year old still'
I'm the same with other peoples birthdays, buying presents early is really hard
I just want to give them to the person straight away, I literally can't stand the excitement!
I think Wednesday we'll maybe go to a museum or head to the park
Paul usually cooks in the evening and we watch a film
It's pretty low key, but I like it
To celebrate my birthday I'm making something special for a giveaway to my blog viewers
I will post it on Wednesday, I'm pretty excited about it!

Onto this weeks finds!

1. Heather Evans Smith
This print is called 'She Didn't Need a Man...Just a good lint roller'
Love it!

2. Snoop Catty Cat
I know Sisco's a girl, but I really want to get this for her!

3. Janish Jewels
I love tourmaline's!

4. Girlie Pains
I've just discovered this shop and love pretty much everything in it
It was hard to narrow down, but this brooch is very cute!

5. Peeech
I love this sad little piggy that dropped his ice cream

6. My Kobocek
This shop is filled with so many beautiful things
But I really love this birthday cake topper

7. Nifty Knits
I love this little fishing Meerkat!

8. Sushi Pot Parts
These vintage tea cups are so pretty!

That's it for this week!
Remember to check back for my birthday giveaway!


  1. So many lovelies - thank you for including my meerkat. I hope you have a lovely birthday and I also hope I remember to come back and check out your giveaway!

  2. That 'She Didn't Need a Man' print is great!! And I've also thought of buying that little cat-suit collar for a girly cat! :P

  3. That little meerkat in his fishing scene is totally adorable! Love all the critter stuff, actually. ;-)


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