Monday 26 March 2012

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Happy Monday!
This weekend just flew by!
I finally got around to updating my etsy shop
And now I'm working on some key rings
I'm also starting to make more catnip fish to send to places that re-home cats
So that means one thing, Sisco lying on my desk all day zonked out on catnip!
Last time she got into the bag I was storing them in and took some!
Cheeky little thing!
Ok, onto this weeks finds!

1. Were Rabbit 2006
This is such cute idea!
Two rabbits in a carrot!

2. Little Bug Jewelry
This ring is really pretty
Perfect for Spring

3. Le Petit Trianon Chloe
Although this is not my usual style
This bracelet is so sweet!

4. Fragrance Oils
A watermelon fragrance oil would be amazing!
When i was younger and we'd visit Florida there were always 2 types of candy I'd bring back
Jolly ranchers and fruit stripe gum!

5. Pomegranate Vintage
This is almost too cute for words!

6. Ruta Felt
This is adorable!
My friend Nia, back in Wales works at a vets and sometimes helps with the lambs
I don't know how she controls herself!
I'd want to kiss them all!

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  1. Sooooo cute. Love that little lamb and the ring and the bunnies, adorable.

    Have a lovely day,

  2. Lovely ! Thanks so much for including my fragrance oil !

  3. They're all so cute !
    Thank you for including my work in your lovely blog :)

  4. Ahhh these are all adorable! :) xox

  5. :O the bunnies are SOOO cute!!


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