Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday!!!
This week has been so busy, I'm glad it's over!
I'm looking forward to relaxing and doing a bit of reading this weekend
Tonight I'm puppy sitting a lovely little girl
And as it's so hot out I'm going to sit outside with a glass of wine
Nice start to the weekend!

I love this weeks finds!

These nails are really sweet!
Isn't this mini furniture waffle mold adorable?
How amazing is this bike?
I'm in love
I love this cheeky little one!
The lovely Beth has launched a new site with all of her beautiful artwork!
This kitty will always be one of my favorites!
Check out more here
How cute is this little one?
That nose needs to be kissed!
This is crazy!
These images are made up of the entire novel!
Can you guess what they are?

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  1. The bike and those nails are so cute, plus the waffle press!


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