Monday 24 September 2012

My little baby was a bit poorly!

No etsy Monday today as I'm taking care of this little one
She went out about 8am Sunday morning and came back about 1pm
We noticed she didn't seem herself and kept hacking/dry heaving
I read online and decided it sounded like a furr ball (she'd never had one before)
We tried giving her oily fish and other foods but she wouldn't eat
From when she came in until about 1 am we kept a close eye on her and she did it about 12 times
It sounded horrible
She wasn't eating or drinking or going to the loo
We slept in the living room with her, it was so scary!
So today we took her to the vet
She was such a good little girl
The vet was really nice & gentle with her and examined her for a while!
She didn't even try to run away when he put the thermometer up he bum!
He gave her an injection for stomach acid and we've got some meat flavoured gel to give her to help the furr ball pass through (if that's what it is)
We gave her flea medicine about 3 weeks ago, but he gave her a good brush and found flea poo!
Apparently fleas can become immune to the medication!
So maybe she's been grooming more and that's what has caused it!
We also have got some special food for her tum
Those vets really love to sell you stuff! ;)
He told us if there's no improvement in 24 hrs we'll have to take her back

Since we got back she's had a wee and ate quite a bit of food!!! :)
We jumped for joy!!
So I think she's on the mend
I know people may think we over reacted, but she's our baby
And we've never seen her ill before
Ever since we went through that awful time with her missing last year we are terrified of anything happening to her

I love my baby so much


  1. Poor Sisco
    No I would of reacted the same:)
    I glad that she is on the mend

  2. Oh no! It's horrible when pets get ill, my cat got ill earlier this year and I was so worried about her. I hope she gets better soon :)

    1. Thanks! She was well enough to go out today and she was so happy!

  3. That sounds like no fun at all! Poor Sisco, hope he's feeling better now :)


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