Friday 5 October 2012

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!!!
It is so cold here!
I think I may just stay in all weekend and keep warm
Or if it's not raining, I'll wrap up warm and go out for a walk
We just booked our train tickets to Wales
We're going back over Christmas
We got a real bargain, and saved so much money!
Trains are crazy expensive
I feel sad about having to put Sisco in a cattery
If we had a car we've drive up to Wales with her
But I'd never put her through the stress of being on a train for so long!
And I'll be calling the cattery every day, driving them crazy!

Onto my favourites for this week

How yummy does this Cheezy loaded potato broccoli soup look?
Perfect Winter comfort food
How cute are these Fox tights?
Crazy price though!
These bangles are very sweet!
I know you've probably come across Tartar Sauce the Grumpy cat
But I am totally in love with her!
I can't get enough of her little face!
And this video is just adorable!
I know this is for kids, but it's really cute!
It's a little squirrel!
Have a great weekend


  1. Squeee squirrel sandwich! So cute!

  2. how does sisco like the cattery? we left sadie home when we went away and had people come in and feed her - when we got back tho she was a mess!! poor little thing had cut herself scratching and over

    1. Oh no, poor little Sadie.
      We spent a while asking around (local vets etc)
      And looked online for reviews. The one near us was fully booked, so we found another. Another near us had terrible reviews, and the local vets told us a lot of the cats come back with fleas etc - horrible!
      The one we went with only had room for about 6 cats and they were kept seperate. It was part of the vets. The people seemed really lovely and I called quite a few times and they said they'd had Sisco out and been fussing her a lot.
      When we picked her up she was totally fine. It was hard the 1st time leaving her, but I feel comfotable doing it.
      If you do it, I'd recommend visiting them first, It'll give you piece of mind x

  3. These are so cool! That soup looks DELICIOUS. And I don't think anyone's ever too old for cute/pretty food! Hehe.

  4. Ohmygosh I love Tartar sauce he is amzingly cute and I love the squirel ssndwhich!


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