Friday 17 May 2013

Friday Favourites

I can't believe it's Friday
Where has the week gone?
And where has the weather gone? It's been freezing!

This doesn't sound too exciting, but it is for me
We bought Sisco a new brush and guess what?
We don't have any scratches!!
I actually think she may enjoy it
I'm looking forward to having scratch free hands for once

We re-watched Gremlins 2 the other night
Such a great film, although at the beginning I couldn't help from crying
Seeing Gizmo being bullied just makes me fall apart!
Apparently it's being remade
Not sure how I feel about it
In my opinion remakes are usually never as good as the original
I will go to watch it though

Ok, onto this weeks faves

I love this artists work
Can you tell who the kitties are?
This is amazing!
How cute is this painting?
Guacamole rice?
Check out the jumpers and tees on this site

This dress is so cute!

I need this!
Have a great weekend!

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