Saturday, 12 October 2013

Halloween Treats


Watching scary (but not too scary) films
Wrapping up warm to go for walks
Delicious smelling teas
Anything cinnamon scented

Paul and I have always had a little 'party night' every Halloween
It's our tradition

Here is some yummy treat ideas!

These carrot rice balls are cute
Creepy bones to have with dips!
I love this!
These cupcakes are a little bit creepy, a little bit cute!
These cookies really freak me out!
Cinnamon and pumpkin?
I bet these smell amazing
This Pumpkin soup would be amazing on a cold day
This martini looks amazing
This is a cute and pretty easy idea
I love this!
I love anything cherry flavoured
This drink sounds good!
What are your Halloween plans?

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  1. lol lol that sick pumpkin is great, must remember to do that!


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