Monday 2 June 2014

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Don't feed after Midnight ♥

I've haven't done an Etsy Monday in a long time
So this week I've decided to pay Tribute to one of my favourite films, Gremlins
Gizmo melts my heart!
I think I actually prefer the 2nd one more now
I love the dopey Gremlin and the Glamourpuss one!
Although it's kinda weird when she ends up smooching with the man at the end
I guess love really doesn't have any boundaries! 
And she is a bit of a babe!
Onto my loves!

This is amazing
I can't wait until The Walking Dead starts again
I really miss it
I adore this artists work
And he Gizmo is spot on!
Hayley Cassatt can do no wrong!
This is so beautiful!
That little face! ♥
I need this in my life!
On my couch!
I never even knew this game existed!
This doll is adorable!
I'm going to watch Gremlins 2 tonight!


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