Saturday 7 August 2010

♥ Do cats like wigs? ♥

My friend recently sent me this card and I have to share it because I think it's pretty amazing!

And it got me thinking.......
These cats look ok with the situation. Maybe they like looking fancy?
I know small dogs wear coats because they get chilly

Awww....Breaking my heart with their cute little faces

I put a vest on my cat Sisco a while ago and she loved it!
Sat with it on for 2 hours!!!
If you know Sisco, that is a looooong time!

And after she seemed to have a little spring in her step.
As if to say 'Oh yeah, you KNOW I look Good in this'

So I started researching more animal wigs.....
This is crazy...
People actually buy cat wigs?
I did a google search and this foxy little lady kept popping up

She's got a hot model look about her
She's got a 'Hey guys, I'm just chilling.....Drinking a frappuccino. Where's the party at tonight?' Attitude
So maybe kitties want to step up their game and accessorise?

What do you think Sisco??

Ok then.....
Maybe not.
We'll just stick with the vest!


  1. Your blog is the best thing on the net. I can't wait for the next update. The cats are amazing in the wigs but as much as I love her I don't think that Sisco is going to make it to the CAT WALK

  2. oh my goodness cat wigs that is one of the most funny/deranged things ever!


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