Monday, 9 August 2010

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ What's new Kitty Cat? ♥

Todays post is inspired by those adorable little furballs of L♥ve

I know, another crazy cat lady post!!
Here is a round up of some cute kitties off etsy

1. Luna shine shine

This necklace is so sweet, super girlie and dinky!

2. Shebbo Design

Handpainted, unique and pretty stone ring!

3. Em & Sprout

Kitty Cat Mary Jane Shoes?Wow!
These look super comfy too

4. Fair Rosamund
Mermaids + Kitties = Pretty much perfect!
This is such an adorable painting!

5. Diantiques
This is so pretty and vintage!
Kitty Cat Creamer Pitcher Jug

Gorgeous colours too

6. Bobbin 4 Apples
Not much to say about this one apart from
How cute is this!
Perfect for chilly autumn days!

Well that was fun!!!
Hope you liked my little selection of loves!

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  1. Super kitty cat creations! As crazy cat lover :) I LOVEEE them! Thank you so much for featuring my cat ring on your super sweet blog! And many thanks for sharing these super lovely cat designs with us!


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