Sunday 17 February 2013

A little Date Day & LOLCATS

As I mentioned earlier
Paul and I had a little date day on Friday
We decided to just head into Central London and have a wander
It was surprising mild out and really sunny- Lovely!
There was a LOLCATZ exhibition I wanted to go to, so that was our first stop 
Duh, cats! I had to go!
Such a great idea for an exhibition!
There were so many pieces I loved
Here are a few of my faves
This was a huge scarf 
Featuring lots of famous cats
I really wanted this!
We grabbed some lunch
Then just wandered around
How cute is this little house?
These money boxes were in UO
So cute
When I visit Central, I always have to go and have a browse in Forbidden Planet
How gross is this?
An Alien egg replica
Check out the slime coming out of it
(Sorry if I grossed you out! ha)
 I wanted pretty much all of the E.T./Gremlins memorabilia
We stopped of at Chinatown to pick up some fake meat
Fake prawns-Very weird!
We headed home to cook food, watch t.v. and get a little tipsy!
A fun day

Hope you've had a good weekend

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