Tuesday 23 July 2013

Hello....Is it me you're looking for?

Sorry, I can never resist dropping in a bit of Lionel!

I haven't blogged in ages
All this eye trouble has left me feeling less than chipper 
So I left blogging for a while
I'm off to the opticians next week for a check up and then if I'm not better it's back to the eye hospital

I'm trying to stay positive, but it's been bloody hard!
Fingers crossed I'll be back to my chirpy self soon

Here are some pics from the last few weeks

As it's been boiling I've been having lots of smoothies, fresh fruit and juices
I'm not too into sweet juices, but this one was lovely and refreshing!
Watermelon and carrot
The shop near us sells huge watermelons so much cheaper than supermarkets so I've been having lots
 I love the smell of fresh strawberries
 At the beginning of July we went to Brighton for a day trip
I LOVE the sea air!
So lovely compared to humid London
 We just wandered, sat on the beach and played games on the pier
I beat Paul on the basketball machine!
I never do that, maybe my eye is turning super-human?
 Oh Brighton, I love you
 The lovely Jojo always posts about Boho Gelato so we went to check it out
I love anything grape flavoured, so we got grape
Paul said before we got there "oh, I don't like gelato"
Half way up the road and 2/3rds was gone!
Little liar!
They had 4 vegan options on the day we went
I'm definitely going back
 I love these retro tins
 And this is our haul from Infinity foods
I hadn't tried Vegusto before but heard so much good about the brand
But I have to say, I wasn't that impressed
I'll get the cheese next time
 This is gorgeous Paulo from down the road
He is so affectionate and has the loudest purr I've ever heard
Paul had walked home at this point
Apparently, 10 minutes is too long to be stroking cats on the street!
I'll have to disagree!
 He's such an attention seeker
 Hello little one
You'll be getting lots of loves from me
 And of course
Princess Sisco
Mummi, people only read ur blog coz of moi!
And finally!!
Vegan pizza that delivers to us!
It's from Basillico
And it was good!
I'd definitely recommend it!
This is the cheese they use


  1. Yay! Brighton! And kitties! And that pizza looks SO GOOD! I wish we'd had pizza for dinner tonight too now!

    1. haha! Now you know how I feel when I look at your posts! ;)

  2. I want pizza and ice cream NOW!! Brighton looks beautiful. Hope you're feeling a bit better this week xxx


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