Monday 29 July 2013

Can you see that?......No

Funny title?
Oh well, you have to laugh

To say the last few weeks have been crap is an understatement
The never ending eye saga carries on
I went to the optician today and she wasn't much clearer
But apparently my eyesight has gotten worse (I have so many things wrong with my eyes, so my prescription is complicated)
I just imagine you probably think I'm like this
But no
You can't actually see anything, my eyes look normal
She wants to make a drastic change to my prescription which I'm not too happy about
So I'm getting a second opinion
Funny thing is, the last few days I've seen a slight improvement
I miss being the cheery old me
And I miss blogging

Fingers and toes crossed

Oh god, sorry to go on
I may rename this blog 'My wonky eye'

Cat videos can help 'the blues'
And here are a few that improved my mood
I love Sylvester 
This is definitely Sisco


  1. Sylvester looks like a real character. :-) Love those photos of Brighton too and the monster plushies - my kids would adore them.

  2. sorry to hear about your troubles I hope things will improve for you soon! I havnt been on blogger in AGES my poor blog is in an abandoned state but not completely forgotten...Just been working working working all the time ..booo! hope you've been able to have a bit of fun in the sun at least.take care ciao x


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