Monday 16 September 2013

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Hope your Monday has been good so far
I realised I haven't done an etsy post in ages! 
I'm noticing lots of Halloween items popping up
Before we moved to London Paul and I would usually go on holiday every October
We loved going to Florida as it was still warm
We went to the "Halloween Horror Nights' in Universal Studios
Have you ever been?
I seriously don't think I could handle it now
I spent the whole time screaming and holding onto anyone that was near me
Sometimes strangers don't like that
Who knew?
Anyway back to my point
I loved going to Florida around Halloween as Americans seem to be so much more into Halloween than us Brits
I love their enthusiasm and willingness to go all out
There's a huge craft shop chain called 'Michaels' and it is AMAZING!
They have pretty much anything craft related you could want
I could spend hours in there
Although I nickname it 'boyfriend hell' for a reason

I'd love a U.K. version
Although my credit card wouldn't

I know I've totally gone on about Halloween
I think it's because it's feeling much more like Autumn lately
And I've noticed a lot of traffic going to a post I did a few years ago about Halloween food
It's crazy how fast time goes

Onto this weeks loves 

1. Meluseena
This is beautiful
 2. Dark Horse Store 
These bowls are so cute!
 3. Barby303
These little mice are so adorable!
 4. Heart Supplies  
I love these handmade buttons
5. Atomic Spinster 
LOVE this!
Did you watch 'The Wonder Years' when you were younger?
I was totally in love with Kevin
 6. Dog Wag Art

7. Stoic & Pariah
I love the brooches in this shop
So sweet

Click on the pictures to visit the items

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  1. Hi Claire. Great post! So many cute things. Thanks for the mention of my buttons. Glad you liked them. Have a great week. Sarah (heartsupplies)


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