Monday 14 March 2011

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Hi there!
Hope your week has started off well
For once, I've had a really productive day!
I've managed to fit so much in, which is such a good feeling!
It's such a relief when you get round to doing things that you've been putting off
There's been some serious cleaning going on in the flat today! Sisco looked at us shocked!

Plus, it's been so sunny

So onto this weeks Etsy post
I've found some amazing bits and bobs
I hope you find something you like!

1. Art Paper Garden
This is so adorable!
Bulldog love!

2. Jersey 608
This is simple, dainty and pretty!
I'm really into clouds lately!

3. AxelHoney
Axelhoney makes the most AMAZING things
I swear my favorites is full of her jewelery!

4. ProTean
This is so cute

5. Collectable Spectacle
Love these!

6. Ninon
I've always been fascinated by Totem poles and I think this plush one is amazing and such a clever idea

7. Fire Fluff
Love this artists creepy/cute work

8. Rusty Rose Petals
This sewing machine is from the 1930's and it still works!
How amazing is that?
And it's pink!

9. Sophie Hardy
This reminds me of a bag I had when I was little

10. Tiny Owls Magic Attic
I seriously need to become a good knitter, because these are the cutest mittens I have ever seen!

11. Fran Bishop Designs
This is amazing
It's a child's playhouse
I want an adult sized one!

12. Quirk 08

Well that's it for this weeks post!
Hope the rest of your week is good!


  1. woah, thank you for featuring my Soft Totem!! he is in such great company amongst your other favourites!

    have a niceweelk!

  2. aw lovely! ;D
    thanks for sharing my meow mitts :D

  3. wah!!!!!!!!! i really like the hamster and firefluff!!! sooo cute~~~~ eheheh


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