Thursday 24 March 2011

Perfect Pretty Pastels

I can't believe how much the weather is changing!
I was actually warm when I went for a walk today!
I'm working on a Spring/Summer wish list of all the things I (and Paul and I) hope to do
I love making lists!
Although I never really do anything for Easter I really love all the pastel shades in the shops right now
I went to the 99p shop the other day (love a bargain, love that place)
And they had lots of those different yellow mini chicks, I always want to buy them!
I think it's from my childhood
Every Easter my Gran would buy all the grandchildren a buttons chocolate egg
Then she'd glue a mini foil cake container filled with green tissue paper and one of those little chicks in to the top
Every year! I wish I had a photo!
I bought some of the the chicks last year and blue-tacked them all to my wall by my desk, as if they're marching up the wall
Sounds silly, but looks pretty cute!
They have new ones in the shop with little sunglasses on this year, so I think I'll probably get a pack! Haha!
Cute, cheap and cheerful!

Anyway, I've rambled on enough!
I just wanted to share some gorgeous photos I came across to get you in the mood for Spring!

Love these colours, makes me want to put pink in my hair again

This is the perfect kitchen!
Love it sooo much!

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