Saturday 3 September 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Cat Saturday!
I had a bit of shocking news yesterday
Turns out Sisco has been paying people around the corner a little visit!
I walk a Bulldog puppy called Daphne and puppy sit her round at mine too
Sisco hisses a bit, but mostly seems unbothered and the puppy just wants to be near Sisco
The Bulldogs owners told me Sisco has been hanging around their home
She must smell Daphne
Sisco acts all tough, but I think she may have a little girl crush on Daphne!
Just shows, you never know what your cat is up to!

Onto this weeks fluffy finds!

Love this!

Love this!
It's like a cat version of Conan O'Brien!

Purrfect for Christmas!

You can get a custom painting of your cat dressed up!
So adorable!

I love this cat ring!
It's just like the one Paul's parents got me

This kitty paw print tattoo is pretty cute!

I've just discovered The Daily Kev through Quarry Girl
Kev is such a little babe!
And he looks like he may be even moodier than Sisco!

So that's it for this week!
Give your little furrball a hug from me!

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  1. I think Sisco is thinking he should be allowed to go over to Daphne's for a playdate. I think that is adorable. Love the cat ring and the Christmas outfits (my cats would never go for it).

    Thanks for the comment I am feeling better, not dizzy today. I could not keep away, I like to know what is going on with everyone so now I will go and relax again.

    Have a lovely weekend Claire,


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