Sunday 1 July 2012


Hope you've had a good weekend so far!
My mum went back Thursday and we're still a bit tired!
We did A LOT of walking!
We were lucky as the weather was good, it was SO hot!
My plush, brooches and keyrings are stocked in the lovely Things British again
I nipped in with my mum and bought the most AMAZING coffee candle from 1402 candles
I spent about 15 minutes sniffing each one, trying to decide
They are so yummy!
There are so many more I want to buy

Sisco is so used to it being just us 3, so she took a while to get used to another person staying
She gave my mum lots of 'Who iz u and wat iz u doin here' looks
But soon warmed to her when she realised my mum had bought her some posh cat food!
Little user!
I only took my phone as I didn't want to be taking my camera out every 5 mins
So here are a few phone pics
I got a chocolate covered strawberry
I really wanted the icecream! These things are addictive!
We spotted quite a few of the BT artist phoneboxes that are on display
Creepy little piggy
We went to Wahaca for dinner and tried aged tequilas
Sooo good! 
And soo strong! haha
I really want this!
This was one of my favorite phone boxes we spotted
All my pics look so dull, but the weather was so lovely!
These ice cream ornaments were amazing, but they were around £300!
Look at the phone box man!
I don't know why, but whenever I see people dressed up like this I want to hug them!
I also made my mum pose next to a really bad Batman (the photo's on her camera)
For some reason he was doing ninja style chops!
Isn't this outside drinking area so pretty?
This is how I'd like to have my garden in the future
Sisco loved this massive Topshop bag
We still have it
Amazing vintage suitcases in Camden
Sorry about the bad quality pics, I just wanted to focus on enjoying myself instead of getting my camera out all the time
We had a really fun time and it's nice to be a bit touristy in London sometimes


  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time Claire. Isn't it amazing what you can find in your own city to do. Love the picks.. I like that tree, are those friendship bracelets around it?

    Have a lovely day and give Sisco a hug, love his new bag bed.


    1. Hi Sue!
      We still have the bag, she loves it!
      That tree was huge, I think it had ripped up blankets wrapped around it - very pretty!

  2. Looks like you had lots of fun adventures!


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