Monday 27 August 2012

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I've been so busy the last week that I've been losing track of time!
We had a nice relaxing weekend for Paul's birthday
I'm still waiting for some bits to come in the post due to stupid delivery companies!
Grrr *Shakes fist*
But that means another day to celebrate! Which I'm sure he won't mind!
 I'm really looking forward to having some time to sew this week
I've started working on some little plush ghosts that I really love!

Anyway, here are this weeks loves
1. Betty Turbo
I've just come across this shop and I love it!
It's funny, because last night we watched Rocky 4
I don't like boxing, but whenever I watch films like that I really get into them!
I become a screaming jock!
2. Stefanie Xu
I love this cat print fabric
3. BK & JIO
This ring is really sweet
4. Breelzebub
I loved The Chipmunks!
I can still remember some of the song
5. Papercuts By Joe
This is really sweet! :)
6. Geeky Pet
Chubby Superkitty is stuck in the tree! haha
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  1. love the you adrian poster! i've only recently watched rocky (all of them) and was surprised by how much i loved them!

  2. I want a donut and a few cupcakes and especially the


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