Saturday 6 November 2010

Trip to Brighton

On Wednesday we went on an overnight trip to Brighton
We were lucky as although it was quite dull, it wasn't too cold or raining!

When we stepped onto the seafront the wind was freezing!
So no pier for us!

First we visited the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery
I really like the museum, we've been once before
I especially like the
Fashion and Style Gallery and the Performance Gallery
There are some amazing things there!

These illustrations were so intricate and amazing to see close up

There was also a large room full of vintage Brighton memorabilia, which was quite interesting
There were lots of old postcards, posters and photos

I love fortune telling machines
Whenever I see one I have to get my fortune!

I love the old furniture display
I didn't get many pictures, but they have some amazing retro furniture.
I would love so much of it!
These were pretty sweet!

We just wandered around most of the day
Had some yummy food and tasted some proper cider!
Also, we HAD to get one of these, even though it was cold!
(I didn't take a photo, so this is off their site)

These are so so good!!!
If you get a chance, try one!

This was painted down a side street
So pretty!

And I had to visit my favorite vintage shop!

My nana used to have one just like this!

I really want that cute (bear) cookie container!
Maybe next time!

This was in the window of a very pink ice cream shop

I didn't take a lot of pictures during this trip as it was quite dull out.
But It was lovely to get some nice fresh sea air!
But to be honest we were happy to get back home and see our little Sisco!

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  1. i've always wanted to go on a daytrip to brighton....mainly because that is what they do in jane austen novels.....looks like fun.


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