Sunday 3 July 2011

Super Cute Charity Shop Find

We just popped out for a walk and passing a charity shop I fell in love!
I've always loved little picnic style bags

But look at this!

It's a kitty picnic basket!

Seriously, how adorable is it?
It had a few things missing, but I had to get it!
It was £6 and the money is for charity so win-win!

Plus, a little update on my tomato plants
They're still alive!
They're growing so fast

Hope your Sunday is going well!
It's so humid here, so I'm off to drink a big glass of iced peach tea


  1. Love the picnic basket - so quirky for a kitty! x

    also well done with the tomato plants, i already have big plans to gorw some of my own next year :)

  2. Awesome picnic basket - what a great idea! (I'm wondering how often people take kitties on picnics though...?) Looks like your tomatoes are doing well too.

  3. haha! I'm sure there are some people out there that take their kitties on picnics! I think this is actually more a grooming kit, it's just got a bowl in there too!


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