Saturday 9 March 2013

Cat Crazy Saturday

Doing these cat posts
Even though it usually takes a chunk out of my day
Cat + internet = heaven
Why are cats so amazing?!

Here are my finds

Beth from Doodlecats posted a link to this fabric and I had to get it!
So cute!
Love this!
I think someone may like Lisa Frank
More photos here
(Thanks Beth for the link x)
I need you all in my life!!
(Sung in the style on Celine Dion)
Near, far, wherever you are 
Tard, my heart will go on
I will never tire of Tard!
I need more cat things in my home!
Another addition to the cat lady costume!
Give your furr babies a belly rub from me!


  1. Love the Lisa Frank tattoos!! =^.^=

  2. wah! so much good stuff. cats are awesome.
    my friend usually spends all day saturday with his cat at home... if he goes out on a saturday the cat pees on the floor. thats how awesome cats are.x

  3. hahaha the cookies cat how funny is his lil face! and about the bags...I think yes to the bag if you already have a boyfriend and maybe no to the bag if your in any way trying to attract maybe a step too far? but definitely yes if you dont care for the male opinion!


Thank you for your comments!