Monday, 25 March 2013

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Another day of snow
I've felt a bit flu-ey so I've been having lots of fresh ginger and apple juice
Spicy, but so good for you!

When I sew I often have something on in the background
And lately I've been watching/listening to the Ricky Gervais show Derek  
I watched the whole series over 2 days and fell in love with it (and got a bit watery eyed)
It's such a heartwarming, moving and funny show
I'd definitely recommend it!
I just watched the last episode an hour ago

Onto my finds!

1. Simple And Pure Bath
I'm a sucker for anything sweet scented and this soap sounds yummy!
 2. Slippin Southern
This sign is so cute!
 3. Andrea Kett 
This print is really cute
Plus, it's hand finished with glitter!
 4. Simply Chi
This bag is really pretty 
 5. Cornhead Muffinbrain
Totally kitsch!
Totally amazing!
 6. Tiny Tangerines
As I've mentioned A LOT I'm a complete Tard fan girl
So of course I loved these!
They're currently sold out, but Kelly is making more!
Click on the pictures to visit the items


  1. Haha! Those hair clips made me laugh!!

  2. Eeeek I love the grumpy cat clips in fact all of their clips are adorable! I love the unicorn loo roll holder too and the soap looks like it'd smell lovely.


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