Monday 4 March 2013

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What a lovely day it's been
The sun's been shining and the birds have been singing
I felt like putting on a frilly dress, frolicking in a field and picking flowers!
Can you tell I miss the Summer?

I've just given up sewing for the night
I was close to finishing something and my scissors decided to get involved and now I have to start again!

So I'm off to drink some wine and watch The Walking Dead
Because there is nothing better than watching zombies to put you in a relaxed mood!

Onto my finds

1. Delish Beads
I love this shop!
I want to buy a load of these to cover a wall!
How amazing would that look?
I don't think Paul would be too happy about it!
 2. Elemental Choice
Look at this squishy faced little baby!
 3. Sandra Lynn's
This little nose is just asking to be kissed!
 4. Yevgenia
These candle holders are very pretty 
 5. Hail Mary Clothing
I can't decide if I really like this, or if it freaks me out a bit!
 6. Janish Jewels
This ring is gorgeous
 7. Miwary
Isn't this teacup the cutest?
It's made out of fabric!
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