Monday 12 July 2010

** Monday Etsy Loves **

This is a new Monday feature showing all my current etsy loves!
And I really have to cut it down because there are a LOT of them!

This is too cute!
Felted versions of your babies?
Amber is so amazing!
You need to check out her etsy site and you will fall inlove with every piece!

I have bought a few plush from Yummypancakes's shop and they are SO well made and So cute!!

See? Adorable!

The Poppy Tree has some of the cutest artwork I've seen!
I have to click off her etsy page because I want so many of her prints and I will have no money left!
And now she makes stickers and charms? Oh no...There goes all my money!
So sweet!

Next up Brian Rubenacker's artwork.
So funny and cute!
I love Boston Terriers and pugs!
Also, another reason to buy his artwork is that he licensed some of his art to Helping Udders who donate a lot of money to rescues every year.

See? Look at those little faces!

Hope everyone is having a good Monday!
I'm off to put ice cubes on my cat Sisco's paws because she's so hot!
(Don't worry, she loves it!)

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  1. Those felt animals are amazing!!! That Yorkie looks just like my sister's pup! Poppy Tree is the BEST!


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