Monday 12 July 2010

More Cats?

Ok, so this post is about cats?
I may come off as a crazy cat lady and I 100% embrace it!
Cats are soo unique and wonderful
I am lucky to have in my life a little girl called Sisco who is not the most affectionate-but damn, she is feisty!

Throughout my childhood I have been around "crazy" cat ladies (I say that in a GOOD way)

Here are a few little girls I feel lucky to know!

First up.....
Sadie Queen
The most beautiful hearted little lady I have had the honor to know
She was rescued by my Gran Patricia (My mother mum) Patricia would find a lost frog in her garden and try and find it a home (The crazy begins)
I was lucky to know Sadie from the age of 8 until 26.
She was so full of love and purrs. An amazing little lady
So precious!

Next up.....
Little Chris and & Louie

This is Lucy (aka Louie)
She was rescued from a farm where she had unfortunately lost her siblings
Lucy was born deaf so she needs a lot of care.
She takes a while to trust but it's worth the effort!
She loves Sunshine, strokes and warmth!

Oh...She Loves the camera!

Next is little Chris
She's a tough chick and doesn't take any C**p!
She is lovely though and will give you her undivided attention!
She loves crunchy crisps and other yummy things!

Next up
SPIKE!!! (Aka Spiddles!)

I got to know Spike through my in-laws
My boyfriends parents seem to attract animals!
Well, Spike wasn't just attracted..Spike fell in love!
He would love nothing better than fall asleep on your knee..Oh and food! have the BEST purr!!!!

This post is dedicated to Linda & Ted
You both always made me feel comfy, loved and happy like a cat!
Love you!

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  1. We love your work, it's so amazing. love Ted and Linda


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