Saturday 28 January 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
I don't know what's got into Sisco the last few days
She has her moments when she's goes loopy on catnip but she's not into playing
The amount of times I've seen bought her some fancy cat toy for her to walk away from me is crazy
She's much more into sleeping and apparently scratching me
But the last few nights she's gone crazy!
Running all over the living room, jumping on the sofa and knocking things over
It's so strange, it's something she's never done
Have any of your kitties done this?
I hope she's not buying some illegal catnip! ;)

Ok onto this weeks finds
I'm really loving this week!

I live with one of these, her name is Sisco

I'm loving the new ASOS Spring mini bags, but this is definitely my favorite!

I think this is the best thing I've featured on Cat Saturday!
Instead of the usual hat, iron, etc pieces you have a scratching post, mouse, sleeping cat, milk bottle, can of tuna and a fish
Oh, I want this so bad!

I'm loving this Etsy shops selection of vintage stickers
80's/90's kids, do you remember these fuzzy cat stickers?
Seriously, I need to stop looking at stickers on Etsy, there are SO many that I want!

This Purrrfect Toofbrush tee is adorable!

Have a good Saturday and tickle your furr babies tummy for me!


  1. i read that cats can see other worlds and often see fairies... i find it kinda cute (and obv a bit crazy) to think that kitties are chasing fairies. also bert read somewhere that cat's can't distinguish between present time and their if they think about a mouse it's as if it's there.
    also we NEED that cat hi sisco!

    1. Aww! I'd never heard that before!
      Thanks for sharing!
      And hi Sadie!


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