Saturday 8 December 2012

Hello! It's Me

Well, what a helluva couple of weeks
As I mentioned in my last post, my mum was in hospital and I was going to Wales to take care of her
Then Paul and I got a really bad viral chest infection - not good!
I felt so crappy not being there for my Mum
The whole week was spent dosing myself and taking antibiotics
I really don't like to take them and haven't in years
But this time I had to as I needed to be in Wales
Finally got mostly better and made my way to Wales
Saddest goodbye ever!
Apart from the 1st year I moved to London and lived in halls, Paul and I hadn't been away from each other more than 2 nights 
Sob-fest at the station!
He was very good and sent me lots of photos of Sisco and held the phone so I could talk to her (c'mon, I bet you do it too)
I won't go into it, but Mum has to wait until mid Jan to had further treatment and the medication is making her feel pretty lousy
But I am so grateful she went to the hospital when she did (Thanks Linda)
It doesn't bear to think about
Mum was a good patient and I'm happy to say I was a pretty good nurse!
We had some quality time and it was a really nice thing to come from such a horrible situation
About 3 days after I got back to London I got ill again
Really ill
The doctor said she thought the viral infection has spread to my sinuses
So more antibiotics
I'm a really bad patient and Paul kept insisting I rest, but I had a lot of orders I needed to sew up
In the end I took his advice!
He got me some ice cream, some crappy magazines and I watched Friends (Never get tired of that show)
I know, what a cliche! 
But today is the first day I don't feel (and look) like something off The Walking Dead
So grateful
And so looking forward to spending time at Christmas with loved ones

p.s. Here are a few cute photos from my Mums 


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