Tuesday 31 January 2012

Daily Cuteness - Clothes For Fancy Dogs

Check out these fancy boys!
You wont get any pink tutus in this shop!
Rover Dog creates classically tailored garments for the posh pooch in your life
It's like a photo shoot out of GQ!
Except with dogs!

Monday 30 January 2012

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ All of my Loves ♥

Happy Monday!
Hope your week got off to a good start!
It's triple layer clothing weather here, as it's freeeezing!
I've got a lot of work ahead of me this week, as I'm planning to reopen my etsy shop on 8th Feb
I've had a lot on lately and got a bit behind with my making, so I'm looking forward to starting up again
Also, I'm planning a giveaway to celebrate re-opening my shop
So look out for that, I think it's pretty cute!

Onto this weeks finds!

1. B Smithereens

This is amazing and wouldn't it make a fantastic tattoo?

2. Cosmic Emotions
I think this is the cutest coffee stencil I have ever seen!
Little Penguins!!

3. Mis Nopales Art
I love these little rockabilly birds

4. Wonderland Toys
I love the packaging!

5. Hapa Girls
This cherry blossom ring is so dainty

6. Debaucherous Bath Body
This perfume is described as 'Rich Turkish coffee, dusted with cocoa powder, marshmallow creme, frothy cream and a hazelnut ganache' YUM!
This shop is full of products that sound good enough to eat

7. Toosis
I think watermelon Tourmaline's are so beautiful

Click on the pictures to visit the shops

Daily Cuteness - Super Cute Lemon Cookies

How adorable are these little cookies?
Visit here to see the sweet video tutorial

Sunday 29 January 2012

Vintage E.T. Findings

I've mentioned in a post before that I'm really nostalgic
I love to search for memorabilia from my favorite films
I was having a lazy Sunday browsing ebay today and realised I hadn't done it in a while
It's amazing what you can find
I've done this so many times and I always discover something new
So, I thought I'd share my finds with you

Vintage fuzzies?!!
I can't believe I've never come across these!


Music from certain films really affects me
If I had this, I'd definitely be weepy!

These Christmas decorations are from 1982 and still in the packet!

I'd never even heard of this before!

This is just lovely!

Love this!

Do you have any nostalgic things you love to search for?
I'd love to know!

Click on the pictures to visit the items

Saturday 28 January 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
I don't know what's got into Sisco the last few days
She has her moments when she's goes loopy on catnip but she's not into playing
The amount of times I've seen bought her some fancy cat toy for her to walk away from me is crazy
She's much more into sleeping and apparently scratching me
But the last few nights she's gone crazy!
Running all over the living room, jumping on the sofa and knocking things over
It's so strange, it's something she's never done
Have any of your kitties done this?
I hope she's not buying some illegal catnip! ;)

Ok onto this weeks finds
I'm really loving this week!

I live with one of these, her name is Sisco

I'm loving the new ASOS Spring mini bags, but this is definitely my favorite!

I think this is the best thing I've featured on Cat Saturday!
Instead of the usual hat, iron, etc pieces you have a scratching post, mouse, sleeping cat, milk bottle, can of tuna and a fish
Oh, I want this so bad!

I'm loving this Etsy shops selection of vintage stickers
80's/90's kids, do you remember these fuzzy cat stickers?
Seriously, I need to stop looking at stickers on Etsy, there are SO many that I want!

This Purrrfect Toofbrush tee is adorable!

Have a good Saturday and tickle your furr babies tummy for me!

Thursday 26 January 2012

Anastassia Elia - Paper Art

I love paper art
I'm really impressed by how much patience it must take to create it
I want to share this artist I came across, as her work is just so clever!
This is from her site:
I cut the small paper shapes that I stick inside the toilet paper rolls. I use tweezers to manipulate the paper shapes. I select the paper of the same color as the roll. It gives the illusion that the paper figures make part of the roll.

Check out more of her work here

Monday 23 January 2012

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ All of my Loves ♥

This post has taken FOREVER as my internet's been playing up!
When that happens, there's always a panic!
'What will we doooooooo????'
'How will we cope???'
Well, maybe not that bad, but you get the idea
And I bet I'm not the only one!
Today I finally treated myself to Bossypants by Tina Fey
I can't wait to start on it, I love her!
And Amy Poehler, Parks and Rec is the best!

Anyway, onto this weeks finds,
But can I just say, where has this month gone?
Wasn't it just Christmas?!
Better get cracking with my year goals!

1. Cookie Bits

2. Fabulous Mess
Princess Barbie Make-up desk!!

3. Jacqueline Wagner
If you like this, you need to check out the shop
So cute!!

4. Datter
Gotta have a cat in here somewhere

5. The Storybook Rabbit
When I'm rich the only cups and plates I want in my home are from this shop!
So adorable!

6. Spratters and Jayne
And perfect if you want to have a sneaky nap!

7. Rosie Music
Fancy lady!

Click on the pictures to visit the shops


Saturday 21 January 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
It's SO freezing here!
I haven't dared go out, I've just been wrapped up warm and sewing
Paul is so controlled by Sisco, it's funny
I went in the bedroom today and he's made a 'bed' out of some of his cosy jumpers for her!
She knows what she's doing!

Onto this weeks finds!

I need this!!
Well not really, but it's so cute!!

I love this ring!

The cat on this tee is adorable!
But £95? Wowza!

I love this chubby kitty card
Reminds me of my mums cat Lucy

Last week I posted about this notebook
And this week, Paul surprised me with it!

I love this site
I bet you can identify with a few of these!

Kiss your little furr babies for me!