Tuesday 24 December 2013

Have a lovely Christmas!

Just popping by to wish you a Merry Christmas!
Sisco is ready!
I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging in the New Year

Tuesday 10 December 2013

Last Minute Shopping!

My shop closes for Christmas midnight tonight! (U.K. time)
And I've took a whopping 25% off all items in the ready to ship section! 
They will be posted to you 1st thing tomorrow morning!
So get yourself some last minute stocking fillers :)

Friday 29 November 2013

Black Friday Sale

Hello there!
I've been missing from blog land for a while
With the run up to Christmas I've been so busy!

Just to let you know
Until Monday 2nd December I'm offering 10% off everything in my shop!

Saturday 16 November 2013

A catch up - London, Cats & Vegan Food

Long time, no blog
I've missed blogging, but I've been so busy lately
It just doesn't feel like there's enough hours in a day

So here's a little catch up
Lots of pics and less babbling on

First up Halloween!
Usually Paul and I are so into Halloween
But I think due to fact us both being busy lately we didn't really bother
But we did get a pumpkin!
We both prefer simple, freehand ones lately
But I think the best we ever did was this one
It's Captain Spaulding from House of 1000 Corpses!
 My mum came to visit for a few days
Sisco was very happy as she knows how to 'play' mum
She alway gives off the 'Granny Christine I'm starving! They never feed me' vibe
Naughty girl
It was lovely to have a wander around London
It felt all Christmassy 
I can't remember which shop this was
But how amazing are the window displays? 
 These little Penguins were made up off coffee machines and cups
Such a cute and clever idea
Must have been a fun job!
 This bear (I think) was made up of games consoles
 I love you, little Penguins!
 Pretty lights
 Oh yeah!
Shopping means bags for Sisco
 'This iz tha best presunt eva'
 'I iz hidin'
 About a week earlier mum sent Sisco a treat box for Sisco
Look at that little face
I made some catnip fish to send to Farplace Animal Rescue
I can't sing their praises enough, they do so much good
I always say, If I won the lottery they would be one of the 1st places I'd help
Here are some photos from one of previous times I sent some
I had to get them 'tested' first of course
I don't really have a sweet tooth
But I'd heard so much about Cookies and Scream in Camden, I had to check them out
It's a 100% vegan bakery
We got a shake and some things to take away
I don't know what it was but we tried some kind of pecan/cinnamon bar and it was AMAZING!
Autumn in my mouth!
 I always make these stupid internet cards to send to Paul's parents
They love them, I swear!
 Amazing yarn cobweb in the woods near me
As I've mentioned, even with glasses my eyesight isn't the best
So when I was a bit further away and first saw it I was like
'JESUS!!! What kind of spider made that web???'
I was glad I was on my own!
 Taking pictures/annoying Sisco
 She hit me just after this
I know, I can be SLIGHTLY overwhelming
 Weird mushrooms
I find them fascinating, but they also make me want to puke
 Livin' it up with my mama!
 When mum was down we went to Manna with Paul
I'd wanted to go for ages but never got round to it
Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed
We were excited and our eyes were bigger than our bellies
So we orders some starters to share

The starters were a mixed bag
These were Jalapeno cashew cheese croquettes and they were really good!
I've tried cashew cheese a few times and not been too impressed, but these were really nice
I'd get them again
 This was a basil ricotta stuffed artichoke heart 
It was ok, but a little heavy and bland
 And lastly Tempura
You can't really mess that up!
I had bangers and mash
I'd wanted to try this for ages, but I wasn't blown away
The sausages were quite nice, but the mash was so tasteless 
The dish a little bland and like something I could easily make myself (and I'm a lazy cook)
Not something you really want from a £14 dish
 This crispy marinated tofu was awful
Dry and tasteless
It was a bit disappointing as my mum's not vegetarian and I feel like when non veggies/vegans try things like this it makes them less likely to try again
 My mum had the 'Special' cottage pie
Nothing really special about it!
 Paul had the Caribbean platter and although it look nice he was underwhelmed 
I just re-read that and realised I sounded a bit bitchy!
Im not a food blogger, I'm just giving my honest opinion and we were disappointed
I've had food in other veggie/vegan places for a lot cheaper and that were a lot nicer
I'm looking at you Brighton!
If I went to Manna again I'd just get starters and desserts

Fireworks bug me a bit as they scare Sisco, but they are pretty
And that's it!

Tuesday 29 October 2013

A Happy Story

Something really lovely happened last night and I have to share it with you
Paul was putting out the rubbish, and when he came back down the stairs a cat was in our porch
He called me and the cat started meowing loudly and just walked in
Went straight into the kitchen and starting eating Siscos food!
We checked him for a collar but there wasn't one
I've never seen this cat before and I know pretty much all the cats in the area! haha

I looked on twitter in our area and someone had posted a few days ago their big, grey cat was missing
And this was one big, grey cat!
I tweeted him, but no reply
So I began tweeting some people he'd been talking to and posted a picture
Eventually we got in contact and Paul spoke to him
He thought it was him

15 mins later and they arrived to be reunited with their handsome little man!
This is Simon
Cute, huh?

As you may know a few years ago we went through hell when Sisco went missing 
I know how hard it is to go through 
I still feel like crying when i think about it

I am so happy we could help reunite them
I'm sure Simon was drawn to us as he knew we'd help 

It helps to be a crazy cat lady!

P.S. Sisco was in the other room when Simon was here
She just came out and had a sniff around after, but seemed fine as soon as we gave her some food!

Tuesday 22 October 2013

Carl Warner - Foodscapes

I came across this photographer and I had to share
His work is totally amazing!
All of his photos are created with food
Click on the photos to see them in more detail
They really are stunning
This is so beautiful
Definately my favourite
Aren't they amazing?
Check out more here