Monday 30 April 2012

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Latest Loves ♥

Can you believe April is nearly over?
It's freaking me out how fast this year is going
It seems we only just went home for Christmas!
It needs to slow down!

Anyway, here are this Mondays finds

1. Kath Arvey
I wouldn't personally wear these tights
But aren't they amazing?
The print is made from the collage below

2.Moons Creations
How adorable are these?

3. Black Cat Studio Art 
This pup is adorable!

4. Jenni Jewel
Love this necklace

5. Doble Ele
You can never have enough stationery in my opinion
And this tape is so cute!

6. Nest Pretty Things Kids

  These barrettes are so pretty!

7. Sentimental Gal

I can't decide if this is cute or creepy!

Saturday 28 April 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
I've spent this rainy day inside
It's been so dull all day
I've really enjoyed doing this weeks Caturday
Every week I find so many amazing things, but I'm in love with this weeks
Hope you find something you like

This bracelet is sweet

I don't know where this is originally from
But isn't this tattoo amazing?

This scarf is so pretty!

The print on this shirt is beautiful! 


This necklace is really pretty and dainty

I love this tote!

I saw this bag on Pinterest, but have no idea where it's from!
Does anyone know?
I'd love it

Give your furr balls a big smooch from me!

Friday 27 April 2012

♥ Friday Favorites ♥

Can you believe it's Friday already?
This week has flown by!
I'm excited to have some 'me' time this weekend
I'm going to sew a lot and do a bit of reading
I just bought this book called 'A Street Cat Named Bob'
It's the true story of a busker in London who finds a friend in a stray, injured cat
It sounds like such a beautiful story and I can't wait to start
I've seen a few videos online of them together and they seem to have a really lovely relationship
I really hope I get to meet them one day and give bob one of my felt catnip fish!
I know I say it a lot, but cats really are amazing!

Onto this weeks favorite finds


I love these mugs
But I've never seen a shark one before!

I'd love one of these!

 Love these Big Bang Theory nails

 This photo is adorable!

Doesn't this ring look magical?

This clock is made up of lego!

Have a great weekend

Thursday 26 April 2012

Geeked Out My Little Pony

I just came across these and had to share
How amazing are these My Little Ponies?
Here are a few of my favorites!

Which ones do you like?

Wednesday 25 April 2012

Daily Cuteness - The Chung

I really love artwork that is creepy and cute!
And I've fallen in love with this artists work!
The Gizmo one is the best!
Check out more here

Monday 23 April 2012

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Latest Loves ♥

Hope your week is off to a good start
The weather in London is crazy!
Sunny one minute, then raining and thundering the next!
So I've got a big pan of yummy vegetable soup cooking!
I've stayed in most of the weekend
Finally, my eyes are feeling better!
On Saturday the optician said I don't need to change the prescription again
So I've finally been able to do some sewing!
I'm looking forward to getting some work done this week

Onto this weeks finds

1. Almost and Angel 66
This little Chihuahua is so cute!
I think Sisco looks a bit like one!

2. Vintage Vault Austin
Love this glass

3. When Guinea Pigs Fly
This is so adorable!

4. De Shawn Marie
This Chai tea soap looks good enough to eat!

5. Le Petite Bonbon
This ring is really cute

6. Brooklyn Cat
I love this vest

Click on the photos to visit the items

Saturday 21 April 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!!
I'm so happy the sun is out today!
Even though I'm off to the dreaded opticians
Fingers crossed they don't want to fiddle with my eyes anymore!

I've found some adorable cat things this week!
Hope you like them!

This is wallpaper!

How adorable is this ice cube tray

Love this tattoo

I'm in love with these Les Nereides kitty earrings

These little cups are beautiful!

These index stickers are so cute!
Check out the shop, it's full of lovely things

Isn't this orange kitty amazing?

Give your feisty felines a big kiss from me!