Wednesday 30 January 2013

Valentines Day Discount Ends Friday!

Just popping by to say Friday is your last chance to get 15% off everything in my Etsy shop!
Owl always love you!

Monday 28 January 2013

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Some of my Loves ♥

Hope your Monday was good!
We've lost all our snow!
I actually miss it, everything looked so pretty!

I love listening to shows whilst I'm sewing and I recently re-watched all of the Arrested Development episodes
It was so good!
I can't believe it got cancelled, such a shame
Also, Don't Trust the Bitch in Apartment 23 has been cancelled too!
I love James Van Der Beek, he was so good in that
I was always a Pacey fan, Dawson seemed so whiny 
But ever since I saw him in Rules of Attraction I loved him, he was such a shit bag!

Ok, went down a bit of a 90's rabbit hole there! haha

Here are my latest loves!

1. Betty Turbo
Love this!
2. Lovely Mold
I love miniatures and this house is amazing!!
3. Three Chickadee Lane
I love this mug and it's a candle!
I want one of each scent!
4. Pikobeagle 2000
I swear, if I was rich I'd spend so much money on Etsy crafts supplies!
I could spend all day browsing them!
How amazing is this fabric?
5. Upgradegr
6. Doodle Designs 23
The artwork in this shop is very sweet!
Click on the pictures to visit the items

Saturday 26 January 2013

Cat Crazy Saturday

Hope you're having a good weekend!
Here are my latest cat inspired loves

I love this list of Cats that didn't stick to their New Years resolutions  
How cute is this one?
The cat who wanted to stop making out with random dudes at parties.
I don't now where this is originally from
But it's so cute!
I love this little cat shelf
I love this!
I love these little cat paw sticky bookmarks
This is really cute!
I am in love with this bow!!!
Give your little fluffy babies a kiss from me!

Friday 25 January 2013

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!
This week has flown by!
I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend
I love to be out in the Summer, but when it's so cold like this all I want to do is stay cosy inside!

Here are my favourites of the week!

Aren't these mugs the cutest?
If I won the lottery, one of the things I'd spend a lot of money on is craft supplies
There are just so many cute things for sale!
How sweet are these buttons?
I love buttons so much!
This week we've been having lots of roasted chickpeas
I can't believe we've never tried them before, they're so good!
We've been making them savoury, but I'm looking forward to trying some sweet ones with cinnamon!
This shop has the most beautiful and dainty bracelets 
This is such a fun idea!
Balloon lights!
Actually, I just realised it reminds me of the film IT
How amazing are the paper cuts in this shop?
Have a great weekend!

Thursday 24 January 2013

Daily Cuteness - Miles to go with Ali

I'm just warming up with a cup of tea and I thought I'd share this artist's cute work with you!
It's so cold here today, is it possible for your eyeballs to be frozen?
Because I think mine may be! ha!
It's sad to see the crisp, white beautiful snow turn sludgy and grey
Everything looks so beautiful covered in snow

Ok, onto the artist!
Doesn't this little Pug melt your heart?

Check out more here

Monday 21 January 2013

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Some of my Loves ♥

Hope you've had a good start to the week
We're still thick with snow
Since we've lived in London, we've seen quite a few Foxes
Our flat overlooks our landlords garden and these two hung around a bit today
They kept coming up to the window and smelling where Sisco had been
Which freaked me out a bit!
I only got my camera after, so didn't get any close ups
They jumped over to next door, then came back about 3 times 
 They must have been looking for food!
We've kept Sisco in all day, just incase
No sign of them since then

Ok, onto my finds

1. Jilly Bird Design
I love Squirrrels! 
Someone I follow on twitter posted a link to this image today
Isn't it adorable?
I love this mug
 2. Two Black Cats Studio
This shop is adorable and I love this print!
 3. Aubrey E Apothecary
 4. Ppinky Dolls Art
 5. Studio Yuki
I really love the Fairy tale section in this shop
Click on the pictures to visit the items