Sunday 31 March 2013

Naps are necessary!

We are having a very lazy Sunday
Sisco is the queen of naps!
She wasn't impressed with me taking her photo!
Do not take paparazzi shots of Moi!!!

Friday 29 March 2013

Easter Sale

I hope you have a lovely Easter
I'm having a few days off from blogging
And to celebrate Easter, I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop!
15% off everything with the code EASTERSALE
Just enter at checkout
Ends Wednesday

Thursday 28 March 2013

Simple Pleasures

I don't know where this image is from, but I really like it

Today I'm having one of those days where I feel like I got out of the wrong side of the bed
We all have them!
Years ago I may have spent the day moping and feeling sorry for myself (ok, I did this a little bit )
But instead I'm trying to be positive and I've made a list of all the little things that make me happy
I truly think this can help you get out of a slump
And I want to share it with you

Here it is

Having a lie in with Paul and Sisco

Watching films on a rainy day

Hot tea on a cold day

A long, hot shower

Freshly baked bread

The smell of cinnamon

The feeling after a good workout

Watching '50 First Dates' - Love that film!

Feeling the sun on your face

Swinging on a swing

Getting post that isn't a bill

Stroking dogs in the park

Paddling in the sea on a warm day - Love this one!

Looking through old photos

Being around nature

Stroking cats

A hug when you really need one

Watching films from my childhood

Mashed potatoes

Fresh berries

Discovering a new t.v. series and watching lots of episodes in one night

An ice cold beer on a hot day

A new notebook

Foot rubs

Lauging til your tummy hurts


Cooking with Paul

Putting your pj's on after a long day

If you make a list, leave me a link in comments
I'd love to see it

Monday 25 March 2013

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Lovely Loves ♥

Another day of snow
I've felt a bit flu-ey so I've been having lots of fresh ginger and apple juice
Spicy, but so good for you!

When I sew I often have something on in the background
And lately I've been watching/listening to the Ricky Gervais show Derek  
I watched the whole series over 2 days and fell in love with it (and got a bit watery eyed)
It's such a heartwarming, moving and funny show
I'd definitely recommend it!
I just watched the last episode an hour ago

Onto my finds!

1. Simple And Pure Bath
I'm a sucker for anything sweet scented and this soap sounds yummy!
 2. Slippin Southern
This sign is so cute!
 3. Andrea Kett 
This print is really cute
Plus, it's hand finished with glitter!
 4. Simply Chi
This bag is really pretty 
 5. Cornhead Muffinbrain
Totally kitsch!
Totally amazing!
 6. Tiny Tangerines
As I've mentioned A LOT I'm a complete Tard fan girl
So of course I loved these!
They're currently sold out, but Kelly is making more!
Click on the pictures to visit the items

Sunday 24 March 2013

Snow Day

I know if you're in the U.K. right now you're probably sick of seeing snow
But I just think it's so beautiful 
(Although I start to hate it when it turns into that grey sludgy stuff-yuk)
When it snows I love going to the woods near us
It just looks so magical  

Saturday 23 March 2013

Cat Crazy Saturday

No cat Saturday this week
But I do have this cute photo
There's thick snow here
I took this just after Sisco ran around like a loony!

Kiss your kitties for me

Friday 22 March 2013

Friday Favourites ♥

I can't believe it's Friday already
This year is flying by!

I've mentioned I've got a bit of a tea obsession
My tea cupboard is embarrassing
Remember on Friends that cupboard Monica hides everything in?
Well it's like that
But smaller and full of tea
And recently I got this one
Just the smell of it bought back so many lovely memories
My Nana loved butter mints and this tea make me think of her 
Lovely ♥
What's your favourite tea?
I'm always happy to buy another one! ha!

Onto my finds!

No matter what kind of day you've had
This will make you smile
The list of 33 dogs that cannot even handle it right now
Here are my faves
I'm not sure what this little guy is
But he reminds me of a cross between E.T. and the worm off Labyrinth
I want this coat in adult size!
This bracelet is really cute!
This jumper is sweet!
I want to go there!
Have a great weekend!

Thursday 21 March 2013

Sweet Little Sisco

Oh little Sisco
I love you
Even when it's 3am and you decided to walk on the dressing table and knock everything off
I love you, my feisty little bambino
Mama, open the window
I want to come in for 20 seconds then go back out again
Check out her pink camo collar!
We've noticed in the last year or so she's had lots of little white hairs popping up everywhere
We're going to have to start dyeing them and lying about her age

Wednesday 20 March 2013

Daily Cuteness - Burnt Feather

Just popping by to share this artist I've just come across
Her style is cute, with a touch of creepiness

This is adorable!
 Oh Edward 
This is me with every cat I meet!
Check out more here