Tuesday 29 May 2012

Epic Cat Post! Sisco Rules!

If you're not a cat person, look away
It's about to get intense!
I was going through iphoto and came across loads of photos I'd forgotten about
So I thought I'd do a post featuring the moody little one that controls us!

Stripes are SO in this Winter!
Chic? I iz it!
No photoshop needed here, I'm ready for my close up!
Can I keep him?
My paw iz kissable!
Tell me I iz the most beautiful cat in the world!
They're all wearing this in L.A!
I'll put a spell on you and make you give me treats!
Hey maaaan!
What?! We weren't doing anyfink! We were just talking!
I could catch that bird y'know but I can't be bovvered!
I fink I've had too much catnip....Can you see that?!
I'm off to give her a big kiss!

Monday 28 May 2012

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Lovely Loves ♥

Hope you had a good weekend!
I just relaxed and was lazy and it was great!
It's still scorching in London
I think this week I may do a spot of sunbathing
My legs are wintery white!
Whenever I go in the sun, my cheeks become covered in freckles
But my legs stay pasty! Maybe time to whip out the fake tan!
One thing I hate about this weather is that we hardly ever see Sisco
She comes in for food and at night, but that's it!
I miss my little grumpy furr baby!

Onto this weeks finds!

1. Fatally Feminine
These are so sweet!
2. Heather Mattoon
I'm in love with this print
You need to check out this shop!
3. Bugged Up
This is really sweet!
4. Alina Hayes Ceramics
5. Breelzebub 
When I was little I LOVED Poochie!
I think I still have her at my mums!
6. Kate Broughton
These are so cute!
Click on the pictures to visit the items

Sunday 27 May 2012

Daily Cuteness - My Little Pony Project

Even though I am in my late 20's I love anything to do with my childhood
I'm really nostalgic
So of course I'd love this!
My Little Pony Project was a show featuring ponies customised by artists
There was also pony inspired artwork
They look amazing!
Here are some of my favorites!
Check out more here

Saturday 26 May 2012

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
I'm in full on broody kitten mode lately!
And it's all down to Paul's nans cat having kittens
Apparently they haven't opened their eyes yet and they're just meowing lots
I can't wait to see photos!
Onto this weeks finds

I love this print!
I'm making these for Christmas!
The mugs in this shop are very sweet

This is a cute and easy tutorial
This is very sweet!

Give your furr babies a kiss from me

Friday 25 May 2012

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday!!!
This week has been so busy, I'm glad it's over!
I'm looking forward to relaxing and doing a bit of reading this weekend
Tonight I'm puppy sitting a lovely little girl
And as it's so hot out I'm going to sit outside with a glass of wine
Nice start to the weekend!

I love this weeks finds!

These nails are really sweet!
Isn't this mini furniture waffle mold adorable?
How amazing is this bike?
I'm in love
I love this cheeky little one!
The lovely Beth has launched a new site with all of her beautiful artwork!
This kitty will always be one of my favorites!
Check out more here
How cute is this little one?
That nose needs to be kissed!
This is crazy!
These images are made up of the entire novel!
Can you guess what they are?