Sunday 30 March 2014

Daily Cuteness- Yoda the Munchkin Cat

After feeling crappy yesterday this is just what I need
Another cat to fall in love with!
I've got a lot of love to give! (To cats-ha)

Yoda is Cross breed between a napoleon Munchkin and an American Curl
And he's pretty damn adorable!
See more cuteness here 

Saturday 29 March 2014

Cat Crazy Saturday

I don't like to moan, but today's been a bit of a crappy day!
I've had a pretty bad headache most of the day
So I've had to just lie down in the dark
And I've got so much to do, which adds even more pressure!
Nothing seems to shift it
Hopefully it'll be gone by tomorrow

Oh well
At least cute cats always manage to cheer me up

The lovely Beth from Deer Little Fawn is entering the Ohh Deer competition
I love her work and it looks so good printed on clothing
I love the vest the best
You can vote from her work here
Can't I own all of Jason Edward Davis' work?
I really love the new original drawings listed in his Etsy shop
How cute is this needle felted cat?
This made me sad!
These are very cute!
This cat eye mask is pretty cute!
The print on this tote is really pretty
Have a relaxing weekend!

Friday 28 March 2014

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!

Here are my faves of the week

I need this in my life!
Every time I watch Bob's Burgers my love for Tina grows!
'Check me out!
Look how cute I am'
Such a cute little guy and this painting is spot on!
I recently came across Bryn Perrott's woodcuts and fell in love!
I'd love a Sisco one!
I've seen loads of Pinterest fails, but they always make me laugh!
Here are a few I've seen recently
Bless! haha
This spicy Peanut Tofu sandwich sounds so good!
I love these mugs
So unique!
Have a good weekend!

Wednesday 26 March 2014

Daily Cuteness - Anna Tillett Designs

I recently discovered this artist through Etsy 
I love her cute and quirky style
Plus I love artwork that features animals dressed as humans
Her work is also featured on totes, pins and kids tees 
Here are a few of my favourites
 I love this one the most as it reminds me of Blake from Workaholics
Find out more here 

Monday 24 March 2014

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ My Latest Loves ♥

This weekend flew by too fast!
I've been busy sewing up orders and making lists
Even if it takes me ages to get through, it makes me feel better!
What are your tips for staying on top of things?
I'd love to know
I find it really interesting how each person has their own little way of doing things

Ok onto this weeks Etsy loves!

1. Suzy Wan DELUXE
This is amazing!
I always wanted to be Jem
Now you can have your own earrings
Such a great gift idea!
2. Valek Rolling Pins
How cute is this?
These rolling pins emboss your pastry with different designs 
3. Cat And The City
This shop is adorable!
I need this brooch in my life!
4. Crafteroni N Cheese
So much cuteness in this shop
It's hard to pick a favourite
But I think it has to be this little guy!
5. DeerFace
It's my little Sisco
6. Wait O Minute
I used to be so in love with Mulder
Click on the photos to visit the shops