Saturday 31 December 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday - Merry Catmas!

Happy New Years Eve!
This is the last Caturday of the year!
I've been thinking about how different this Christmas could of been if we haven't got Sisco back
You may remember the awful time Sisco was missing
I don't think I have ever felt so desperate and heartbroken
Those two weeks really put things into perspective and definitely made me realise what's important in life
Sisco is a part of our little family and without her we felt a terrible void
My heart goes out to you if you've lost a pet, the pain is dreadful
So this New Year lets all make an extra effort to spend more time with family (and your furr-family) and friends
And let the people in your life know how much you love them
Life's short, let's make every day count

That's the emotional part over, lets look at some cuties! ;)
How cute is this?

The Kitten Covers have created some adorable Christmas versions!


This video is a bit silly, but it really made me smile
It's worth watching just to see the adorable kitties!

I LOVE this Gemma Correll illustrations
I think many of us can relate to this one

Give your furr babies a BIG kiss from me and I'll see you in the New Year

Lots of Love

Friday 30 December 2011

New Year Goals

I love making lists and I believe if you write down goals, you're more likely to stick to them
Here's mine for the New Year

If you've made a list, leave me a link! I'd love to see

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Back with my Baby

Hi there!!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!
We came back from Wales today and picked Sisco up as soon as we could
The people at the cattery were really lovely and Sisco seemed happy
I called a few times to see how she was (I managed to resist the urge to ask them to put the phone by her so I could say hi!)
Our little family is back together and she's being spoilt as usual

In an earlier post I mentioned the St. Strompus cat hospice that I sent some catnip fish to
Well, I got sent some pictures!
Apparently the cats played with them for ages and then they were hung on their little Christmas tree!
How sweet is that?
I hope it brightened up the little ones day

Here is the link if you want to know more about the wonderful work they do


Thursday 22 December 2011

Have a Happy Christmas!

Just a quick message to say I'm having a little blog break over Christmas!
But if you want to see pictures of mountains, chubby cats and sheep I'll be posting lots over on Twitter
Follow me here

Have a fantastic Christmas full of love and laughter

Lots of Love

Wednesday 21 December 2011

Sisco update & An amazing animal sanctuary

Hope you're ready for Christmas!
We're wrapping presents tonight, then tomorrow is our last night in London
Then we have to take our little one to the cattery
I haven't posted photos of Sisco in a while, so here's a few of my little princess!

This is her radiator bed, which she hates on the radiator but loves on the chair

She loves lying on our desks as its warm, and loves knocking everything off!

You may remember I grew tomato plants from seeds in the Summer
I realised I hadn't mentioned them
Well, this is what I grew! haha!

I enjoyed it though and will do it again next year
I learnt alot!

The last week I've been busy making catnip fish for this amazing no kill animal sanctuary called FarplaceI found out about them through Twitter, they do some amazing work!
I also found out that they run hospice for sick cats called St.Strompus
So I got in touch to see if they'd like some catnip fish (Sisco sneakily took one)
If only there were more places like this

Ok, I'm off to wrap presents!
Have a good evening

Monday 19 December 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Latest Loves ♥

Happy Monday!
Are you excited about Christmas?
We're waiting for one more present to come in the post and we can wrap them!
Although we are also realising that we have less than 5 days left until Sisco goes into the cattery
So guess who's been having a LOT of treats?

Yes Sisco, of course you do!

We haven't been feeling too festive the last few days as Paul's dad, Ted has been in hospital
We weren't sure if he would be out for Christmas, but we had the great news today he's coming home!
Glad you're better Ted!
We love you!!
(He always reads my blog and has actually said to me 'you haven't done a post today! haha)

Onto this weeks finds!

1. Tiny Owls Magic Attic
I love Robins and these are beautiful!
I really need to learn how to knit and crochet in the New Year!

2. Retro Whale
I love this Mom & Dad print!

3. Brookish 7
This is a beanbag!

4. Krafts Keep Me Sane
I love finding old film memorabilia
And isn't the shop name great?

5. Marysza
I love notebooks and this one is so beautiful!

6. Illustrated Cards
This looks just like a beautiful little girl I know!

7. The Black Apple
I think I may want all of the black apple prints!
So dreamy!

Well that's it for this week!

Click on the pictures to visit the shops

Saturday 17 December 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!!
Just one more Caturday until Christmas!
I'm very happy to say all of our Christmas shopping is done!
(Thank you Internet shopping)
But, it's also less than a week until we put our little princess in the cattery :(
So, this week she has been basically doing what she wants
You want to sit on my desk and knock everything off? Sure
You want to eat all your treats? Ok then
You want to get muddy and leave prints all over the flat? Go ahead!
Yes, we are controlled
But you know, I wouldn't have it any other way
Sisco, you are the best (and most definitely moodiest) little girl
Onto this weeks finds!

How amazing is this illustration?

I am SO in love with this Gemma Correll phone cover!

I LOVE this mug!!

I can't help but love kitsch jumpers
And this is a pretty good one!

Sisco would totally rock this outfit!
This little babe even looks like Sisco!
It's a sign
Sisco MUST have this dress!

This 'cat's in space' tumblr is pretty funny!

Give your furr babies a kiss on the nose from me!

Friday 16 December 2011

Harrod Blank Art Cars

I think this is really fun and want to share it with you
Harrod Blank treats cars as a canvas!
I love them!
Especially the 'Camera Van', he attached 1,705 cameras to a 1972 Dodge van
Also some working ones to capture peoples reactions

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Daily Cuteness - Cute Rings

Hi there!
I just want to share this jewelry designer I came across!
I'm especially in love with Victoria Mason's little rings
My Nana always used to call me 'the apple of her eye'
So I've definitely got a bit of a soft spot for the apple ring
Check out more here!