Monday 27 June 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Latest Loves ♥

Hi there!
This weather is crazy!
London is so humid!
I think we're feeling it more than usual as we've had a week of lovely Welsh sea air
And it's turned Sisco into a sleep monster
We've been rubbing ice cubes on the back of her neck and on her pads to cool down
She sits happily as we do it, such a little diva

I've only just woke up, after running around all day I lay on the bed for a 5 minute rest and dozed off!
This heat must be affecting me
Because I had a dream I'd dyed my hair dark brown and I was in a house with the Jersey Shore people
Someone had pushed Snooki in the pool, she got really mad and everyone was stressed!
I know, crazy! haha

Ok, enough of my rambling and onto this weeks finds!

1. Amiramednick
This necklace is beautiful and so perfect for summer

2. Doodle Cats
I discovered Beths work a few weeks back and it's super cute!
Check it out, she's a fellow cat lady

3. Jam Fancy
Love the style of this artwork
It's vintage style creepy/cute

4. Jape
This vintage kitty is so pretty!

5. The Meadow Lark
Just beautiful!

6. Jodie Anna
Love these!
When I was little I really wanted to buy an ice cream van when I got older
Not only can you have unlimited lollies, but I think the vans are super cute!
UK people, remember those plastic cone type tubs with a gumball at the bottom?
I think they were called Screwballs? They were my favorite!

7. Ibby and Rufus
I really love these!
What a great idea!

8. Sarah Scott Keys
Love the style of this funky little guy
Also love the colours

So that's it for this Monday!
Hope the rest of your day is great and I'm wishing for a Summer Thunderstorm

Saturday 25 June 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
The weather is lovely today
It's so summery out and there seems to be so many birds around, singing their little hearts out!
I had to go to the garden centre to get some bigger pots for my tomatoes
They're growing so fast!
I love to go to the garden centre, there are so many herbs and fruit trees I want
You really can't beat the smell of fresh herbs

Ok, onto this weeks finds
I really love this weeks post and the video...So so lovely!

This is such a great idea!
You can get a necklace made from a mold of your cats nose!

I love this print, it's so sweet!
Reminds me of my mums chubby kitty Lucy

How cute is this fluffy kitty cupcake?

This made me laugh!
The cat looks so serious!

This kitty is such a fancy little lady!

Today was the first time I'd seen this advert and it's so adorable!
I guarantee you'll get a little teary eyed over this!

I've just discovered this comic written by the cat Paisley
She writes stories about her everyday life and it's pretty cute!

I love this so much!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Friday 24 June 2011

Super Sweet Cupcakes

As I've mentioned before, I don't have a big sweet tooth
But I love cupcakes, they're so cute!
When I was little and used to make fairy cakes, I couldn't wait until it was time to get the sprinkles and decorations out and go mad!
I've just come across this cake maker and I want to share
Maybe it'll inspire bakers out there!

20% Off Everything

Hi there!
Just a quick post to let you know I'm giving 20% off everything in my shop until Sunday 8pm G.M.T!
Just enter JUNELOVE at checkout
So grab yourself a treat!

A mini Update & Emily May Artwork

Happy Friday!
I'm back in Sunny London!
Last night it was lovely to sit on the couch with Paul and Sisco, our little family was back together!
Sisco has been VERY spoilt!
I have a lot of pictures to post and will do that in the next few days
I have to tackle unpacking the case first (I hate that)
But guess what? I found one of my sticker books!!
And I still love Lisa Frank!
I woke up to some lovely surprises this morning!
1. Sisco was purring
2. The sun was shining
3. I'd sold another little owl
and 4. My shop was featured on this lovely blog!
If you're a sucker for cute things, check out the site it's adorable!
I've got a lot of things to do today, but I just want to share some work from an artist I love!
Emily May is one super talented lady and I love this collection series she's created
Plus, her work features a lot of cats!
I bet you can guess which one of these is my favorite?


Thursday 23 June 2011

Hello From Wales

Today is our last day in Wales
We've been lucky to have had some really beautiful days
Being around nature seems to refresh you so much!
We've had a lovely time, but I'm looking forward to getting back home
Sisco, we're coming back home to you baby!

This is my mums cat Lucy Lou, enjoying her catnip fish
She is a little angel!

Monday 20 June 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Latest Loves ♥

Hi there!
3rd day in Wales and it's still sunny!
Even though the weather said rain, I'm just not going to listen to the weather reports anymore!
We're hoping to head to the beach today and I can't wait!

So, onto my Etsy favorites this week

1. Ginger Williams
Who you gonna call?
How amazing are these Ghostbuster nesting dolls?

2. Amber and Co
So girly and pretty

3. Kitsch Cafe
I am in LOVE!
This little house would be so perfect for storing my craft bits!

4. That Funky Boutique
These pillows are so pretty!
And all together on that couch they look so beautiful!

5. Snug Studio

6. Decoy Lab
Simple, but very sweet!

7. Elseetea2
I love these stacker rings!
They look like sweets!

8. Roadside
This is a print of a 3D layered paper illustration!

Have a great week!

Saturday 18 June 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Cat Saturday!
I am just about to leave for (hopefully) sunny Wales!
But before I leave, here are my latest cat finds!

This is a cake!!

These cups are so cute!
And the little heads popping out are spoons!

I LOVE this totally adorable collection of kitty paws!
Here are some of my favorites

This is Sisco!!

I love the eyes on this cat painting
So beautiful

What a handsome little chap!

If you've got a kitty, give the baby a little kiss from me!