Monday 30 May 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Latest Loves ♥

Hi there!
Hope you've had a good Monday
The weathers been terrible here
But I quite like it when I get to stay inside when the weather's bad and be all cosy!
I've found so many lovelies this week!

1. Briana Rose
This ring is so beautiful

2. Black Gizmo
Usually my phone cases are pink, but I really love this one!

3. Iluxo
This little Polaroid necklace is also a locket!
So sweet!

4. Jules Brzez
Love this!

5. Mart Vert
I've fallen in love with this artists sad faced Pugs

6. Debi Birkin Designs
I really need to learn how to crochet!
How amazing are these little Budgies?

7. Becks Orange

Becky always creates the most beautiful blankets

8. Ashes Stashes

This necklace reminds me of sweets from when I was little

Hope you found something you love!

Sunday 29 May 2011

A Beautiful Bike

When we go to Wales one of the things I'd love to do is rent a bike
I really miss cycling, it's makes me feel like a carefree 10 year old again!
I'm a sucker for a pretty bike
Isn't this tandem bike beautiful?
I don't thing Paul would ever go on a tandem with me
I'm very excitable when I get on a bike and Paul always ends up shouting "Slow down, watch that bump, look where you're going"

Saturday 28 May 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Caturday!
The weather has been awful, so I've spent most of the day sewing up catnip fish!
They're looking pretty cute
But I have to wait until Sisco to get in, to get her seal of approval!
Here are my finds for this week
Hope you find something you love!

Love this Persian painting!

Love these pumps!

This kitty is super cute!

Love this scratch post and bed!

Purrfect for cat lovers!

This cat is smitten with the puppy!
So cute!

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Bank holiday sale!
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Friday 27 May 2011

A little Update and artwork by Emma Geary

Sorry about the lack of updates this week
This week has flown by and for some reason, just simple running errands seemed take forever
I had a pretty good appointment at the hygienist, no pain! Yay!
I've never been scared of the dentist, but as I've gotten older it's started to make me feel really really queasy!
I think it's the noises more than anything, they really go through me! yuk!
Feeling quite happy with myself, I paid my bill and went to leave
And outside was the heaviest rain! And so windy!
And my the bus stop was quite a walk away
Shopping bags + glasses + an umbrella that decided to turn inside out every few steps = Me looking like a blind, drowned rat!
Finally got to the bus stop, clean my glasses
Ahh! I can see!
Then a bus goes speeding past, hits a puddle and soaks me!
So, by the time I got home I wasn't looking all that great!
Oh well, you have to laugh!
Someone needs to invent mini windscreen wipers for glasses
They wouldn't be that pretty, but they'd do the job!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it
But, about a week ago I saw a post by Battersea Cats home about needing toys to keep the cats entertained.
I've got lots of felt, so I decided to make some
I bought some catnip, its Canadian and supposed to be super strong!
This stuff smells so potent!
Sisco attacked the bag, zoned out for 5 minutes, then ate a load of food!
Guess it's good catnip!

Anyway, I just want to share an artist I love!
I love cute artwork and the girls Emma Geary creates are beautiful
Check them out!

Hope your weekend is fun filled!

Tuesday 24 May 2011

Fairy the most adorable Guinea Pig

I've never been a big fan of Guinea Pigs, but after discovering this site all that changed

Fairy the Guinea Pig was born on June 11th 2009
Her mum, along with 5 others were rescue piggies
Poor little Fairy was blind and also deaf, she also suffered with teeth problems
Luckily, she had a loving home and people to hand feed her for the first 6 months of her life
Little Fairy has overcome everything life has thrown at her
And she lives a happy and fun filled life
This site, created for her and her friends Marigold and Matilda is full of her adventures
And it's really adorable
Seriously, check out this site
It's so sweet!

Look at that little nose!

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Monday 23 May 2011

♥ Monday Etsy Loves ♥ Lots of Love ♥

Hi there!
I'm here with my Etsy favorites for this week
The weather here has been crazy!
So dull and windy, feels almost like Winter
I'm soo excited as we've booked our train tickets to Wales!
We haven't been since Christmas and it'll be so nice to be there when the weather is (hopefully)
I'm looking forward going to car boots (Love car boot sales)
Going for lots of walks up mountains, along the beach and in the woods
Playing on the 2p machines on the pier
Seeing the crazy sized Seagulls (I don't know why, but in Wales they're the size of small dogs)
And of course, seeing family and friends and my mums chubby kittens and Jessica the dog
So, this in a month I'll be posting lots of pictures, plus lots of sheep pictures! haha

Ok, on with my favorites!

1. Shop Never The Less
I'm not usually a big fan of wooden jewelery
But I really like this!

2. Layla Amber
LOVE the feathered friends range in this shop
These hair clips are definitely on my wish list

3. Waterbears
The artwork in this shop is adorable!

4. Brienna
I'm really into Bunnies lately
And this print is very pretty!

5. Truche
Love California
Love this necklace

6. Blath Designs
Love the colours in this bracelet
The beads almost look like this sweets

7. Huiyitan
These are so sweet!
Love the umbrella

Saturday 21 May 2011

Cat Crazy Saturday

Happy Cat Saturday!
I've found some cuties this week and I love the video!
So, let's go!

This tattoo is very cute!

I love these cups soooo much!!
Shame shipping to the UK is so much!

Love these salt & pepper shakers!
I bought my mum a bottle opener in the same style
So cute!

Love this kitty knitter illustration

This little girl is so cute!

Isn't this bag lovely?
It's hand painted from the 60's!

So that's it for this week!
If you have a kitty, give him/her a big kiss from me!

Friday 20 May 2011

Weekend Discount! 15% off

To celebrate the weekend I'm offering 15% off everything in my shop up until Sunday 5pm G.M.T!
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Super Cute Hidden Animal Teacup

These are just too cute not to share!
I want them all