Friday 10 May 2013

Friday Favourites

I am so glad it's Friday!
I'm looking forward to relaxing and just having some me time

Here are my faves of the week

This is so funny!
I know I always go on about Tard
But she is just so cute!
I love this brooch
I love themed restaurants
Even though they are usually pretty crappy
How amazing is this Alice in Wonderland one?
Betty Turbo always impresses me!
I was OBSESSED with Sharks when I was younger
Recently I encouraged (made) Paul watch them all with me
The last one is so bad! But I still kinda liked it
How amazing is this?!
A Jaws ship in the bottle!!!
I want one!
(And yes, all those exclamation marks were needed for this)
Talking of Sharks
I love this lemon juicer!
I'd like to think if I was a cat I'd look like this
I can't find the source of this image
But isn't this tattoo so beautiful?
I saw this on Pinterest
Isn't her hair amazing?
Have a fantastic weekend

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