Monday 12 August 2013

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As I've mentioned, I've really cut back on blogging due to problems with my eye
I wanted to keep my 'Debbie downer' side away from my blog
Well, finally I have some answers!
I do have the condition that they told me at hospital
Even though I've been told by different people it can and can't cause blurriness
I spoke to a Dr that said it definitely can (he's an expert on it)
Also, in the time I got the condition my eyesight has deteriorated quite a bit in that eye
What am crappy coincidence huh?
I think if I'd been told that from the beginning I'd feel pretty upset
But after being told SO MANY different things over the last 5 months I finally have answers!
He sat with me a while and answered a lot of questions and explained things to me
Without having to add in loads of medical jargon
And that made me really happy!
I seriously feel like a weight has been lifted
And although it's not good news this has happened, I don't have the constant worry that it might be something more serious
I finally feel more 'me' and I'm really grateful
I just want to say, if you have a medical problem and don't feel like you're getting answers
Push for it!
It may be exhausting and emotional, but things can get better 

Onto something I haven't done in a long time

Here are my latest Etsy faves

1. Lenny Mud
I think everyone needs to be reminded of this now and then
 2. Monochrome Studio
 3. Petite Co
This is so simple, but beautiful
4 . MAiS 2
These stickers are so cute!
 5. Akron Zine
I LOVE Tina!
I always say to Paul, if we had a kid it would be a perfect mix of all 3 of the Bob's Burgers kids
 6. Buz Handmade
Oh Ludo!
This is sold out, but I had to feature it
 7. Pony Chops Shop
Every time Chantal posts another pair of shoes I am amazed!
How good are these?
 8. Blue Hour Studio
Click on the pictures to visit the shops 


  1. Hi Claire, Just wanted to say thanks for posting my kitty print and also that black cat is actually from San Francisco too.

  2. Hi Claire! Thank you for featuring my "you're Awesome" plate on your great blog! I'm so glad you've sorted your eye troubles out and hope things keep LOOKING up (see what I did there ;) My kitty is a tuxedo--but I used to have a little black one that was quite a love.
    Many thanks!

  3. Wow, those shoes! If only they were flats! OMG I just checked the Etsy and there are hight top's, I neeeeeed them!

    I'm sorry you've been given the run around by doctors regarding your eye issues, I hear about that happening so much especially to young women. It's so infuriating. I've been dealing with a health issue myself recently, hopefully nothing, but I get ya on not wanting to be a downer on your blog. I think you're getting the balance of sharing and positivity spot on.

    1. I know, they're amazing!
      It's been a hard few months, but I'm so happy to finally get some answers
      It's hard, you really have to push to get help
      I hope you get your problem sorted soon x

  4. Hi Claire!! thank you sooo much for featuring my sticker set!!! !! aaaaa :D


  5. I only just realised you shared my shoes! Thank you so much <3


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