Saturday 21 September 2013

Cat Crazy Saturday

It's the best day of the week!
I really need to start blogging more
I love doing posts about cats

Prepare for the cuteness 

I've just recently heard about Sir Stuffington and I've totally fallen in love
He came into a shelter in a very bad way
He has a lovely foster home and when he gets a little older and healthier he'll have some work done on his jaw to make his life better
You can donate to help too
He is so cute!
Check out his facebook page for his story and updates
 Hope you get better soon little guy
I love this!
I love this list of illustrated truths about cats
Here are a few of my faves
Michael J Fox with a cat!
Need I say more?
From the ages of about 9-13 I had an immense crush on him!
I blame Back to the Future and Teen Wolf
I still think he's pretty cute!
This is amazing!
I feel a bit mean, but
These macaroons are so cute!
This top is cute
But the price tag? 
I love this scarf
So cute!
*faints from cuteness*
Give your furr babes a HUGE kiss from me


  1. Great blog post. I love cats too and will be getting a rescue cat soon :)

  2. Cuteness overload. I love Sir Stuffington. I hope he finds a home soon.


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