Thursday, 5 June 2014

From My Camera

I don't take lots of photos, but I wish I did
Going through my iPhoto I realised it's all cats!
I don't think I have any photos of Paul and I from the last few years
I have more photos of cats I've met on the street than photos of us
(Not a problem, a purrfect passion)

Anyway, it's my goal to take lots more photos this Summer
It's lovely when we sit together and go through photos from our past
So many lovely memories

Here are some photos from my camera
(Mainly animals)

Wandering around Southbank
 Amazing, cotton wool-like clouds
These were so pretty
 Little sisco with a catnip pillow I made her
She didn't play like a normal cat
Instead she just destroyed it!
 Hampstead Heath 
 My amazingly useless way of measuring!
Watching the cars
 Beautiful Sunset 
 I first saw these little babes with they were fuzzy little ducklings! 
 With their proud Mama
 They were so relaxed around us
It was lovely
This post needs more cats!

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