Monday 19 December 2011

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Happy Monday!
Are you excited about Christmas?
We're waiting for one more present to come in the post and we can wrap them!
Although we are also realising that we have less than 5 days left until Sisco goes into the cattery
So guess who's been having a LOT of treats?

Yes Sisco, of course you do!

We haven't been feeling too festive the last few days as Paul's dad, Ted has been in hospital
We weren't sure if he would be out for Christmas, but we had the great news today he's coming home!
Glad you're better Ted!
We love you!!
(He always reads my blog and has actually said to me 'you haven't done a post today! haha)

Onto this weeks finds!

1. Tiny Owls Magic Attic
I love Robins and these are beautiful!
I really need to learn how to knit and crochet in the New Year!

2. Retro Whale
I love this Mom & Dad print!

3. Brookish 7
This is a beanbag!

4. Krafts Keep Me Sane
I love finding old film memorabilia
And isn't the shop name great?

5. Marysza
I love notebooks and this one is so beautiful!

6. Illustrated Cards
This looks just like a beautiful little girl I know!

7. The Black Apple
I think I may want all of the black apple prints!
So dreamy!

Well that's it for this week!

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  1. I love those gloves Claire. I am glad that your father-in-law is home. Sisco looks like she knows something is going to happen. Have a wonderful Christmas hope you get lots of prezzies although getting Sisco back was a big one.


  2. oooh lovely! ;) thanks! ♥

  3. oh little sisco! me (and sadie) discovered catnip crunchy pockets....

  4. Sue - That was the best gift ever!


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