Wednesday 21 December 2011

Sisco update & An amazing animal sanctuary

Hope you're ready for Christmas!
We're wrapping presents tonight, then tomorrow is our last night in London
Then we have to take our little one to the cattery
I haven't posted photos of Sisco in a while, so here's a few of my little princess!

This is her radiator bed, which she hates on the radiator but loves on the chair

She loves lying on our desks as its warm, and loves knocking everything off!

You may remember I grew tomato plants from seeds in the Summer
I realised I hadn't mentioned them
Well, this is what I grew! haha!

I enjoyed it though and will do it again next year
I learnt alot!

The last week I've been busy making catnip fish for this amazing no kill animal sanctuary called FarplaceI found out about them through Twitter, they do some amazing work!
I also found out that they run hospice for sick cats called St.Strompus
So I got in touch to see if they'd like some catnip fish (Sisco sneakily took one)
If only there were more places like this

Ok, I'm off to wrap presents!
Have a good evening


  1. oh sisco is so much like sadie - who also likes knocking things off tables, mainly to wake us up in the morning.

  2. She is so adorable. I also support a no kill animal sanctuary here. Your little fish are very cute, I'm surprised Sisco didn't take more. Have a wonderful Christmas dear friend.


  3. Aww, Sisco you're so cute! I planted seeds a few weeks ago and they're growing!! Nothing I plant ever grows! :P Those tomatoes look so yummy, and those catnip fish are adorable!


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