Friday 15 March 2013

Friday Favourites

I am sooo glad it's Friday
This week I've been so busy, it's just flown by!
I'm really looking forward to just relaxing tonight 
Not doing anything but having a few drinks, eating some yummy food and catching up on t.v.
If you are in the U.K. have you been watching 'The Big Reunion'?
The other bands were popular when I was a bit older
But when I was 14 I loved 911!
I was totally in love with Lee
I've been singing the songs to Paul
(I think he's slightly impressed, although he is hiding it well)

Here are my weeks faves

This Ripley and the Alien print is amazing!
I am totally in love with this dollhouse bookshelf
What a cute idea!
I need this Dana Scully bag!
Someone posted about this kitten cam on Twitter and I've been checking it every day since
It's so beautiful to see the mama with her babies
The ginger and white one is a feisty little one
Mermaids on a skirt?
Yes please!
These Cinnamon Almonds sounds so good
I need to make them, I love anything cinnamon 
I need a good kick up the bum sometimes!
Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  1. That little doll house/book shelf is AWESOME! I need 2 though, hehe!

  2. ooh, that skirt is super neat! I love everything Caitlin Shearer does!


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