Friday, 22 March 2013

Friday Favourites ♥

I can't believe it's Friday already
This year is flying by!

I've mentioned I've got a bit of a tea obsession
My tea cupboard is embarrassing
Remember on Friends that cupboard Monica hides everything in?
Well it's like that
But smaller and full of tea
And recently I got this one
Just the smell of it bought back so many lovely memories
My Nana loved butter mints and this tea make me think of her 
Lovely ♥
What's your favourite tea?
I'm always happy to buy another one! ha!

Onto my finds!

No matter what kind of day you've had
This will make you smile
The list of 33 dogs that cannot even handle it right now
Here are my faves
I'm not sure what this little guy is
But he reminds me of a cross between E.T. and the worm off Labyrinth
I want this coat in adult size!
This bracelet is really cute!
This jumper is sweet!
I want to go there!
Have a great weekend!

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