Saturday 22 June 2013

Back in London

Firstly, here is a video of Sisco
She likes to cry to go outside
Then when you let her out she wants to come back in
She does this around 4 times an hour
Silly girl
In my last post  I mentioned I was off to Wales to help my mum as she was going to hospital for a procedure on her heart
She has a tired heart and it beats very erratically and fast
She's been on a lot of medication to slow it down, which has left her feeling awful
Recently she had a new doctor, who is amazing and changed her tablets around
The last few weeks she's been feeling really good
On Tuesday we went to the hospital to get the treatment
They sedate her and shock the heart to try and restore the normal rhythm
She couldn't drink or eat before the treatment and was dying for a cup of tea
The nurse did an E.C.G and asked mum if we should celebrate with a cup if tea?
We were both a bit confused
Then she told us mum's heart had gone back to normal
She didn't need the treatment, the new medication had done it's job
We were both speechless!
There are further treatments she has to have in 12 months as she can't stay on the medication for any longer than that
But right now, she's good!
What a unexpected surprise!
I think we were both in shock the rest of the day

It was lovely being in Wales
It was hot, but we had the lovely sea breeze
I'd never move back to Wales
But I really miss the sea

Here are a few photos

This is Lucy
She is a very special girl and is deaf
She has absolutely no sense of danger, so has to be watched at all times when she is allowed out
She loves to sit here are watch the birds
 This horse reminded me of a Unicorn
 Hi Louie! 
 I had to zoom in a lot to get this
It's a baby feeding from it's mummy
So cute!
 This is the field opposite my mums house
It was lovely to just sit and watch the cows and sheep
 A heart shaped strawberry!
Maybe a sign?
 This is my sisters dog, Snoopy
He's living with my mum for now
He followed me around constantly
He wanted loves all the time
 Fancy paws!
 Old lady Jessica May
She's the sweetest dog ever!
 She's gone slightly grey over the last few years
 We went for a day out to Conwy
So beautiful
 If you ever see these, get them!
They are so good!
 Little Chris (she's a girl)
Sitting in a bush
I had a lovely few days
But I'm happy to be home with my bambinos!


  1. Thats such good news about your mum!! It's amazing what changing medication can do!
    I love that video of Sisco, it's almost like she's saying "Mum, you're embarrassing me"
    Your mum's cats and dogs are so cute! And it must be so nice to be so near to horses and farm animals. I think one of the things i'll miss most when I move to London is not being able to pop down the road and see my friends horses.

    1. I still can't believe it!
      Where my mu lives is lovely!
      Although, she can get a bit too involved with the animals!
      If she hears a cow moo-ing a bit funny she always worries somethings wrong! haha

  2. Oh, AND, coconut water ice lolly???? Sounds sooo good, where can I get one??

    1. I'd never seen them before
      They were so good! Like a sorbet
      this is the company

  3. Sisco is such a doll! I am so happy that you mum is okay Claire what a lovely summer gift.

    Wales looks gorgeous. Love all of the animals. Wish I could find that delicious ice treat here, it had me at pineapple and coconut and made with baby coconuts. Yum!


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